Halloween Insanity, Part 2: Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends

Vinnie & Mook - Family and Fiends - Now on Sale!

Happy Horror Daze!

Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends (Now Available!)

Hitmen of the supernatural Vinnie and Mook are back with an all-new, holiday-themed anthology. This time around, it’s all about family – who you love with, who you fight with…who you try not to die with.

From “Mook’s First Date” to “Devil Rest Ye Merry Hitmen,” I had a blast writing about these wiseguys and the strange situations they get into. I can’t wait to share their latest adventures – and this cover art by Richard C. Livingston – with you!

Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends is available now in both Kindle and paperback editions. (Plus, you can preview “Devil Rest Ye Merry Hitmen” in the product listing.)

Haven’t met Vinnie and Mook, yet? (Trust me, you’d remember them!) Check out their page and Hitmen for Horror – The Boss’ Cut.

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