Mitch Hyman as Satan
Mitch Hyman as Satan.

Satan is up to no good! That Devil seems to think HE was the star of “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” and is back… for much, much more.

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God has had enough of the Earth’s hatred, selfishness, avarice, inequality and political shenanigans.  What he plans to do?  He is going to make Noah’s flood look like a fart in a bathtub. It’s time for the fiery Apocalypse and so he must give Satan a heads up that he’s about to receive a few billion of the worst of humankind.  God sends Gabriel (who was Satan’s party buddy back in the day) a message telling him to prepare for the worst “houseguests” since Atilla the Hun’s horde.

Satan is finally getting Hell running smoothly. His wife, Lilith, has the shopping mall she has been wanting for centuries. Cerberus is finally housebroken and not taking dumps the size of Australia on the living room rug.  When he tells his staff about Gabriel’s visit, they go on strike and demand he do something about it. They are overworked enough and would rather sit in limbo and do nothing for eternity. Satan is forced to come up with a plan, with the only help being his loyal office staff who are among the worst losers the universe has ever seen.

Now, the slickest con man in all eternity has ultimate “sting” to pull off. He must find a replacement for the current one and decides to go and find the best of the last legendary celestial rulers and talk them into becoming mighty again with his repackaging and marketing to gain billions of new worshipers.

Coffee Time With Satan
Coffee Time With Satan

Unfortunately, thanks to his own ego and his staff of moronic helpers, every episode he fails and must move on to another. He is running out of time and candidates and begins to scrape the bottom of the barrel in desperation because time is running out and God is eventually going to call his number and see if all is ready.

For Satan’s sake, it better not have gone to voice mail or he might be the one sitting in limbo with Lilith screaming at him for eternity and a box of poop bags for the dog the size of the crab nebulae.


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