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Vinnie & Mook
Vinnie & Mook – Hit Men for Horror; Family and Fiends

Hi everyone!

I’m gonna do a really cool thing here because it’s also, in my opinion, the right thing. Wow. This will be the first time I’ve been accused of doing something cool and correct. So, I expect you people to keep this to yourselves. Building an evil rep is tough enough with all the competition out there.

So, for the next month, I am putting PDFs of my Vinnie and Mook books and a few choice and hard to get Bubba comic books up for download. You’ll need to be signed up here to get the password.

Here is what I expect in return…

Nothing. They are free to enjoy! They are all protected by trademark and copyright, so selling or bit streaming them is not only wrong, but illegal and will get your ass kicked by me and anyone who has met me, knows I will hunt you down to do it. And, give my parrot second shot.

Right now, we all need some laughs. As a professional comedian, it’s what I signed on for in life.

Vinnie and Mook: Hitmen for Horror – The Boss’s Cut
[PW: Hitmen20]

Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends
[PW: Family20]

Please all of you take as best care as you can and stay right here with all we vertebrates of the Earth.

If you don’t, then you’ll miss the next Bubba movie which once this whole pandemic is over, I’m going back to negotiating with a few places to see who can get it rolling.

And, in other news, I am working on a new book with some new characters who will be joining the “Mitchverse”. It is biting satire and scary as hell too. Coming in October 2020.

See you soon. and I mean it.

Unruly yours,