Born in the Bronx, Mitch Hyman is best known as the creator and writer of “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf”.

As Seen and Heard…

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He has been an FM Radio on air personality working as a DJ and on air news caster. His public affairs shows and music celebrity interviews were where he honed his interviewing skills. His time as a corporate technology trainer combined with his ability as a stand-up comic was much requested by companies such as Microsoft and others. He is well known in the Independent comic industry for his other comic book concepts and characters written for several comic companies.

Mitch is also a widely published novelist and short story fiction writer. His time as a college writing instructor afforded him the opportunity to launch several now well-known writers and artists. He has been written up and received acclaim for his work from the Chicago Tribune.

He actually received the honor of having NASA name a satellite launch after his character Bubba during a full Moon launch and has the official documentation.

The characters from his “Hit Men” novels, Vinnie and Mook (two hit men dealing in supernatural threats), first appear in the Prequel novella “Hook, Line and Sinker” and then in the follow up full length adventure, “Hitmen in Paradise”.  This concept is an on-going series and more novels are currently in the works.

Hyman’s short story endeavors include work for publisher’s Red Stylo Media’s “Shakespeare Shaken” graphic anthology. Hyman is also the only person in America to fire Donald Trump, in a scathing Parody of the Apprentice, during his tenure as a freelance writer for the original CRACKED magazine.

He is also the Executive Producer of the recently completed comedic movie feature length adaptation of his Werewolf character “Bubba” through his production company Two Rubbing Nickels. LLC. The film, “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” has received national and international acclaim and was featured at SITGES, the world’s largest Fantasy Film Festival in Barcelona Spain.  The film is available online from Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.