Vinnie and Mook

Two retired Miami mob hit men are forced back into the game because of a last favor owed to a fellow mobster. This favor becomes a curse that begins a new chapter in their lives dealing with things that won’t die or are already dead. Talk about frustrating…

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A House Possessed: The Dutchman

The Dutchman

“The Dutchman: A House Possessed” is a story based on real life events concerning an unpublished Ed and Lorraine Warren paranormal investigation involving ghostly and demonic events starting on the campus New Jersey’s ‘William Patterson University’ and continuing in a nearby town.

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Satan P.R.

Satan P.R.

Satan is up to no good! That Devil seems to think HE was the star of “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” and is back… for much, much more.

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