HorrorFuel.com Goes Deep Into “The Dutchman”

HorrorFuel.com Goes Deep Into “The Dutchman”

“John Catapano Speaks Out About His Investigation With Ed And Lorraine Warren” by Kelli Marchman McNeely on HorrorFuel.com (October 29, 2018)

Kelli updates and expands upon her 2017 interview with John Catapano and:

  • Recounts the research she and John did during the weeks leading up to the piece; and
  • Shares “The Dutchman: A House Possessed” video interview Mitch conducted with John in October 2018.

Would the events that John experienced be a good movie? We think so. And it just happens that Hyman and Catapano have completed a script. Only time will tell if the world will be introduced to the Dutchman.” – Kelli Marchman McNeely, HorrorFuel.com

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