The Dutchman on NightMerica

Hi all.  I know I have been quiet lately,  but I am working hard or hardly working.

So a couple of months ago, I gave an interview all about The Dutchman, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and all things paranormal with my friend Aaron Sagers on his NightMerica podcast.  From the description:

Before he worked as an engineer on movies such as Jurassic Park, John Catapano was a pre-med student at William Paterson University in NJ. In 1974, as a student reporter for the newspaper, The Beacon, he was assigned to interview famed paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren (after the events of The Conjuring began to unfold, and before The Amityville Horror). That meeting led to Catapano working with the Warrens and becoming embroiled in a haunting of a character known as The Dutchman, which plagued a family and allegedly went on to follow Catapano. Author and filmmaker Mitch Hyman joins NightMerica to tell the tale of The Dutchman: The Lost Ed & Lorraine Warren story.

So,  if you want to hear more about this fantastic paranormal tale, and hear me talk about all things paranormal, give a listen.  The podcast is available via Apple Podcast, Audible and other podcast services.

Yours unruly,

One Hell of a Year…Literally

One hell of a year… Literally.

But, things are looking up!

So glad so many of you have messaged and emailed your support for more Bubba, Vinnie and Mook and of course, Satan. Well, not the Satan certain lunatics think is real. I am referring to my Lucifer who is more a used car salesmen than the consumer of small children. As y ’all know, around here a sense of humor and the ridiculous is as necessary as wearing a mask these days.

To answer questions about “A House Possessed”, the script and concept, myself and the person who lived through it is concerned, the video is down until a new one with fresh information, which will be coming soon, goes up.

Hang on folks, there are many things in the works including an international version of a certain rare Bubba comic and the Devil’s hands are busy making something new and hilarious as we prep to film the pilot to be presented to several streaming services.

But more importantly is all of you. Please take care, stay safe and know that all things pass.

Soon, we will all be back at the conventions and on the set causing the kind of fun crazy we all enjoy and chucking as much of the other kind into life’s rearview mirror. That is the whole reason I write and create. My job is to help ensure that I can get you more smiles to the miles than a Ferrari but with better gas mileage.

Yours unruly,

Happy Horrordaze! (And a gift for YOU!)

Happy Horrordaze! (And a gift for YOU!)

Merry Happy and joyous [insert festive occasion here]!

As my late father used to say, “It’s December, celebrate whatever ya got. And, do it like it was your last.”

Well, that’s what I’m up to at least. I apologize for being kind of scarce last month. I had a bit of a shock, and it’s why I just put one of my dad’s quotes up here to kick this off.

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