One Hell of a Year…Literally

One hell of a year… Literally.

But, things are looking up!

So glad so many of you have messaged and emailed your support for more Bubba, Vinnie and Mook and of course, Satan. Well, not the Satan certain lunatics think is real. I am referring to my Lucifer who is more a used car salesmen than the consumer of small children. As y ’all know, around here a sense of humor and the ridiculous is as necessary as wearing a mask these days.

To answer questions about “A House Possessed”, the script and concept, myself and the person who lived through it is concerned, the video is down until a new one with fresh information, which will be coming soon, goes up.

Hang on folks, there are many things in the works including an international version of a certain rare Bubba comic and the Devil’s hands are busy making something new and hilarious as we prep to film the pilot to be presented to several streaming services.

But more importantly is all of you. Please take care, stay safe and know that all things pass.

Soon, we will all be back at the conventions and on the set causing the kind of fun crazy we all enjoy and chucking as much of the other kind into life’s rearview mirror. That is the whole reason I write and create. My job is to help ensure that I can get you more smiles to the miles than a Ferrari but with better gas mileage.

Yours unruly,

September! And meeting Margaret Atwood!

September! And meeting Margaret Atwood!


We know what that means… HALLOWEEN is almost here!

Excuse my yelling. This is my favorite holiday, as it is for a lot of you, so next month I’ll have something very special to share as my treat to you all.

But, back to business…

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If you ever have most of a lifetime to waste, go on the internet and look up quotes on cooperation.

Go on, I won’t wait for you as you may never be heard from again.

There are literally millions of quotes from this person or that and they all mean the same: “Get along or get lost.”

I am not going to go into what’s happening in the world today. As we all know, it’s frustrating to watch.

But you are in luck, as you subscribe to this blog. Why? Because I’m not only going write about how to achieve amazing results due to cooperation, but offer proof of these results as well.

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