The Dutchman on NightMerica

Hi all.  I know I have been quiet lately,  but I am working hard or hardly working.

So a couple of months ago, I gave an interview all about The Dutchman, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and all things paranormal with my friend Aaron Sagers on his NightMerica podcast.  From the description:

Before he worked as an engineer on movies such as Jurassic Park, John Catapano was a pre-med student at William Paterson University in NJ. In 1974, as a student reporter for the newspaper, The Beacon, he was assigned to interview famed paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren (after the events of The Conjuring began to unfold, and before The Amityville Horror). That meeting led to Catapano working with the Warrens and becoming embroiled in a haunting of a character known as The Dutchman, which plagued a family and allegedly went on to follow Catapano. Author and filmmaker Mitch Hyman joins NightMerica to tell the tale of The Dutchman: The Lost Ed & Lorraine Warren story.

So,  if you want to hear more about this fantastic paranormal tale, and hear me talk about all things paranormal, give a listen.  The podcast is available via Apple Podcast, Audible and other podcast services.

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