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Mitch & Bunny
Mitch & Bunny


Blogs…the usual overstuffed colon of information that rattles around in one’s head. Well, you poor souls just hit a person who sleeps very little but is always thinking about a new idea or some particularly evil thought. Really with me, one and the same. But in my blogs, I promise I will inspire you to either try one of my twisted ideas or inspire one of your own. In my world, be the wolf. Not the sheep.

That’s really how to get stuff done. Don’t think like everyone else. You’re unique, so no one can think like you. But you can learn to communicate your ideas and inspire. I’ve been a college instructor, bartender, cook, racer, writer, filmmaker, actor, FM DJ, novelist, and have been described as the world’s most dangerous liaison.  All these combined made me a raconteur, which means I know how to tell interesting stories. Ask any cop, judge, entertainment higher-ups or group of people who have gotten in front of me for five minutes. And… the cops and the judges usually laugh and let me go. Be entertaining and the world is yours! I’ll tell you sometime how I had most of a major movie studio rushing to a sound stage to see me, as word spread that a real sideshow of a guy was wandering around causing mayhem. They all stood in line to get signed comics I brought, and now those comics reside on shelves of execs offices.  Wild, huh?

And how did I do this?

Hell if I know. I was just trying to be entertaining. If you’re going to be in entertainment, then you must bring out your inner dancing monkey and stop short of throwing poop. I, myself, barely stop short of this. But, that’s what ya gotta learn. Once you have their attention, make it worth the dollar bill they now willingly will stuff in your waistband.  A lot of you dream of chucking the day job and becoming the next big “thing.” Well, it’s gonna take work, and it’s gonna take practice and time. But all the best stuff does. If you put as much time into achieving a level on a video game or collecting whatever or figuring out ways to call in sick to work so you can do the other two, then you can pull off something to achieve your goal.

I’m just like all of you. Through years of hunger and desire, I channeled my energy and my stubborn ass into the lunatic whose blog you now read. If you have talent and a guide to help you, it’s gonna get done! I will endeavor, through my blogs and newsletters, to give you some insight and show you what to avoid. The short list of what not to do is easier to remember then the fifty-pound bible of what is right. Think this way: If you know what NOT to do, then everything else is right. It’s like the truth. The truth is easier to remember and is the best lie ever. If you do things correctly, then your achievements will sound like anyone else’s bullshit.

Trust me. One day I’m going to publish my autobiography, and no one is going to believe it. It’ll be called: No Shit, There I Was, Minding My Own Business…

Glad I took all those old school Polaroids to mark them. Hey, never be accused of photoshopping stuff! BTW, any of you scurrilous knaves steal that title and you’ll find out that Vinnie and Mook are only loosely based in fiction. Bubba, too, for that matter. So, if you are a writer, artist, performer or ne’er do well looking to pull off the big one, stick around. ‘Cause I have done it and never take advice from anyone who hasn’t.

Sound like a brag or ego? Nope. It’s truth and because you kindly signed up around here, class is about to go into session.

So, here is your first assignment…

Draw, write or act out your morning on camera. Any morning. From when you open your eyes to lunch or your first break. The hard part? Make it entertaining. Then, show it to someone who treats you as a real friend or associate. Or better still, someone who despises you. Why the latter? Because if you can get an enemy or disinterested party to comment, even negatively, you got their attention, and in this biz, getting attention is the major battle.

Now, good luck, go storm the castle and email me with what you did and what the result was. I will post about the ones I felt truly got this assignment, and we can all learn from each other.

If you want to go from sleeping on the floor of someone’s house or hotel room and then be wandering the streets of Paris or cruising around major entertainment production venues, quit reading this and get going! Because this is all for now.  See you all next month and get my newsletter where I’ll be posting about all the stuff I’m up to as I lead by example. Wolf, not sheep…Remember?

Yours unruly,