Everyone Loves Satan


The devil is not just in the details these days. It seems more like the devil is the details. It looks to me that the supposedly most evil creation in the universe is enjoying celebrity status on a scale with Taylor Swift. Ok, maybe not as big as her and definitely less attractive and talented but I digress…

The devil is literally everywhere these days and not the loathsome sneaky bastard we were all taught to fear, but kind of a guy looking to rebrand.

These days there are far more evil things in the world than a mythical person who was formed to be at first an angel who helped bring light o the darkness or the accuser of humankind being assholes to one another and deserving a time out in hell. Most of our politicians, corporations and religious leaders are way nastier than Lucifer. These others just have better press coverage and spin doctors to cover their heinous deeds. Another proof of how rotten these others are is that they constantly betray one another or their morals to get their desires.

Think of it this way, these others tell you how “good” they are.  Meanwhile Satan is openly honest and tells you right up front what his agenda is. That kind of honesty proves he’s not evil but rather he’s like all the rest of us and just trying to do his infernal best to do as much as he can with as little effort as possible. He’s the original “work smarter not harder guy”. I for one can respect that and suspect lots of other people do as well.

You see him in favorable light ( no pun) all the time. He also comes in more flavors than fucking Baskin Robbins. He can be male, female or non-gender specific. He can take on any form from a horny person in crimson red to a debonair classic corvette driving bar owner in Los Angeles. Talk about the life of the party too!   Christmas has become more fun with him as Krampus. But even now that his public image is gaining favor, he’s still not happy.

The devil, like the rest of us, is tired of lying politicians, global warming, TikTok influencers, roller coaster economy, egotistical dictators and that kid who keeps kicking the back of your seat on the plane.

Residents of planet Earth prepare to be re-packaged because there is gonna be hell to pay!

Come join our crew of “Cast-outs” as we beat the shit out of our current state of affairs like a cheap piñata at a five-year old’s birthday party.

The initial creative team on this project are me and Sam Gaffin whose “Killer Robots” film series has been critically acclaimed by the New York Times and other media outlets. My Bubba has been featured as a most popular film on major streaming services like Hulu, Tubi, Amazon Video and others. It’s been shown on European TV and places I probably don’t even know about yet. So, we know what the hell we’re doing. For this project we then acquired the help of four generations of creatives from Boomer to Gen Z.

We’re a mixed bag of genders, ethnics, politics with one thing in common. We ain’t bleating sheep who owe our identities to the left, the right the blue or the red. We speak and make up our own minds about the world. We’re wolves and we’re on the hunt for complacent and populist behavior to exploit and the way things are these days, we’ll run out of material the day we run out of a planet to work from.

What you’re going to see is a “Proof of concept” mini episode that will be the opening door to a larger project to come.  Here then is your link to a place where the heat is on and it’s gonna burn away all the bullshit you’re accepting and make you laugh till you feel that hope was never abandoned here, it was just hiding from the morons in charge.

Here’s your link to the portal to hell.

See ya on the other side.

Yours Unruly,