Two retired Miami mob hit men are forced back into the game because of a last favor owed to a fellow mobster. This favor becomes a curse that begins a new chapter in their lives dealing with things that won’t die or are already dead. Talk about frustrating…

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Vinnie and Mook – Hitmen for Horror: The Boss’ Cut [E-Book]

Vinnie and Mook – Hitmen for Horror: The Boss’ Cut E-Book Edition © Mitch Hyman
Vinnie and Mook – Hitmen for Horror:
The Boss’ Cut E-Book Edition
© Mitch Hyman

Sunshine, ocean breezes, umbrella drinks…and voodoo, zombies, vampires and Hitmen. What more could you want?

Vinnie and Testeroni and Morris “Mook” Chichinski were two of the most respected- and feared- Hit men around. Vinnie: the proud Sicilanu (Sicilian). Call him and “Italian” and it was your only – and last- mistake. No questions asked. Mook: the son of a Jewish Miami hooker and a mob wiseguy. Call him a “bastard” and it would be your only – and last – mistake. One he had his long and painful “fun” with you.

Like ham on a bagel, they broke the rules – but that’s what made them the only hope for a frantic New York mobster.

“Fat Shelly” Wasserman, a racketeer, whose daughter was gone and feared kidnapped. His last message from her was all he had to go on: a photo. One minute, she was a university student in the Big Apple. The next, she was being photographed deep in the West Indies– a most unusual photograph. It was a new style Polaroid photo of the sun drenched girl looking like the hadn’t a care in the world and of two men next to her. That was the unusual part — either the sun was too bright or the camera was too old, because the men looked so ghostly, that they were almost blurs.

But the truth was far older – and worse- than just a photo taken with a camera of all things. Had Fat Shelly known it, he would have called his worst enemies, the authorities, instead of his biggest enemies, Vinnie and Mook.

From their aptly named shop they retired to as Key West fishing outfitters, ‘Too Tough to Tackle’, to a centuries-old New World horror, they would soon learn that not everything alive you kill stays dead- or was never alive in the first place.

Includes Vinnie and Mook’s prequel novella “Swallowed Hook, Line and…” and the full-length novel “Hitmen in Paradise.” 

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Vinnie & Mook – Family & Fiends:
A “Hit Men of the Supernatural” Anthology

Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends: A "Hit Men of the Supernatural" Anthology © Mitch Hyman
Vinnie & Mook – Family and Fiends:
A “Hit Men of the Supernatural” Anthology
© Mitch Hyman

Just in time for the “Horror Daze,” Vinnie and Mook return in a seasonal flavored anthology.

From the story, “Devil Rest Ye Merry Hit Men”…

“Y’know Vinnie? Sometimes I just don’t get it. All of us keep having weird sh-t happen no matter where we go or what we do. I’ve been packing even when I go to the f–king supermarket.” said the big man, “It’s like we all pissed in Satan’s cornflakes or somethin’ and then took the toy outta the box too.”

What is a hit man to do when the things you try to kill wont stay dead?

Our favorite hit men, Vinnie and Mook are back with new adventures. This time around, its all about family. Family, which for good or for ill, is who you love with, who you fight with…who you try not to die with.

Includes “Mook’s First Date,” “Mook’s Brother: Part 1 – Of Mud and Men,” “Huckleberry Booger,” and “Devil Rest Ye Merry Hit Men.”

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Vinnie and Mook © Mitch Hyman
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