Bubba’s Birthday, Halloween Treats & The Vampyre Wars

I wait for this phrase all year…

Happy Halloween!

Yep, we are back to what a lot of us consider the best time of the year. No matter where you live, Halloween is the same. Parties, costumes, haunted houses/hay rides and just being allowed to be scared. Being scared is good for you. It quickens the heart and blood (vampires really love this time of year), it brings out your inner beast (werewolves love this), you can eat crazy sweets and drink lots of powerful potions…um…drinks (DUI attorneys love this, and who needs to be loved by them?!)

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Copyright, Accountants, Lawyers & Mickey Spillane

Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash
Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash

Hello and Welcome to Spring!!

In Florida, it’s hard to tell because we only have two seasons…Brown and Green. Just one is slightly hotter than the other. And people wonder why I play Satan with such ease…

You’ve had some time to think about getting started in film from the last time we blogged, and so I’m sure you have the next big thing sitting on the edge of your skulls. Down here, that would be one of our massive mosquitos, but if you’re anywhere but FLA it should be the idea for a film.

So, let’s talk about setting up the film shoot.

Before you even hire or sucker…Er…talk anyone of your friends into helping you, there’s three things you must do! And, I am gonna be serious for once.

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